With the help of the students HCN has been able to get so much accomplished each day!! But it is not all about work, they have also watched a video on the “Ticket to Work” program, researched and had a lengthy discussions about the exclusion of EC/Disabled students in STEM fields as it relates to GCS’s mission to get students prepared for the 21st century. Read and analyzed an E-waste article and completed some research about the amount of wastes that are in landfills compared to the items that are recycled.  Then they began interviewing “HandyTechs” to build a better relationship and understanding of how HandyCapable has assisted in their development.

Ty-Liah (Noble Hour Trainer) – “I was afraid of hurting or being in contact with people with disabilities.  By partnering with my HandyTech, I have learned that they are just like us.  We like the same music and hate watermelon.”
Ty-Liah 3