Volunteer with us

HandyCapable Network relies on volunteers to make our program a success. There are several ways that you can help. Please call our office or email heather@handycapable.org to find up-to-date opportunities.

If you are interested in volunteering on Saturdays and you have volunteered with HandyCapable before, please sign up for volunteer shifts using the links below.

Sign Up (M-F volunteers)

If you have never volunteered with HandyCapable, please fill out a Volunteer Application before signing up.

All volunteers, new and returning, must have an application on file and sign up for shifts before coming in to volunteer.

Volunteer Application Packet


Volunteer FAQ- PLEASE READ! 

  • ‘Do I have to have any computer knowledge to volunteer?’
    • Not at all! We have highly trained professional staff here to teach you everything from the basics to the most advanced. No tech knowledge necessary.
  • ‘Can anyone volunteer?’
    • Anyone sixth grade or older is welcome to volunteer. Individuals under 18 will need a parent signature on the provided volunteer form.
  • ‘When and how often can I volunteer?’
    • As much or as little as you’d like!  We welcome volunteers anytime that HandyCapable is open (M-F 10-4 and S 10-2). But we do ask that you sign up through Sign-Up Genius on our website so we know to expect you.
  • ‘What should I wear when volunteering?’
    • Closed toed shoes are a must.  And no loose, baggy clothing.  Clothing that can get dirty is highly recommended.
  • ‘Can I bring multiple friends when I come to volunteer?’
    • Yes! We love new volunteers.  Be sure that they bring completed a volunteer form.
  • ‘Does volunteering count towards service learning hours for my school?’
    • Yes, we are listed for Letserve and x2VOL for Guildford County Schools.
  • ‘What kinds of things will I do while volunteering?’
    • Those with minimal previous knowledge will start with basic tear downs of computers. Individuals with some knowledge will do basic repairs and install operating systems, and those with advanced skills will work on repairs (based on need).  
  • ‘Can I bring my child to volunteer with me? Or can my parent volunteer with me?’
    • Yes, you may bring your child as long as they are sixth grade or older and have a completed volunteer form. Children under the age of 12 or without a completed volunteer form on file will not be allowed in the work area. And yes, your parent may volunteer with you, as long as they have completed a volunteer form.
  • ‘Can I just show up?’
    • No. Before you come to volunteer, you must sign up on Sign-Up Genius so we are aware that you are coming. This ensures that we have adequate staffing for our volunteers. If you are a new volunteer, you must fill our volunteer form and bring it with you before you can begin volunteering.

Need more information about volunteering? Contact us heather@handycapable.org or 336.209.7360.