Tech Service and Computer Repairs

Part of our mission at HandyCapable Network includes a commitment to recycling and refurbishing viable computers.  As a result, HandyCapable Network offers tech service and computer repairs to the general public.  Our computer repair services include:

  •  Increase memory
  • Diagnose and repair confusing computer problems
  • Repair laptop power jacks and screens
  • Set up computer networking
  • Remove viruses and spyware
  • Data transfer

In addition to repairs, HCN also sells  parts at both our facility and online eBay store.  We have power supplies, wireless and regular routers, switches, memory, hard drives, laptop AC adapters, servers, laser printers and much more.  Each part is tested for 100% reliability.


iPhone Repairs 

HCN completes basic iPhone repairs for hardware related issues including batteries, screens, logic boards, charging ports etc.  Repairs are avaliable for the iPhone 4S or newer models.

We DO NOT work with software related issues such as unlocking phones, forgotten pass codes or iCloud locks.