HandyTech Program

FullSizeRenderOur HandyTechs represent a unique team of individuals who are not defined by their developmental disability, but who are set apart by their ability to do things that many of us cannot. Focusing on their strengths and individual interests, each HandyTech volunteers their time at HandyCapable Network to give back to our community. Logging more than 8,000 volunteer hours annually, these extraordinary people are the heart of our mission at HandyCapable.

Through HandyCapable Network’s computer refurbishing efforts, volunteers spend time each week preparing donated computers for redistribution in the community.  In the United States alone, there are roughly three million individuals living with a physical or developmental disability, but less than a third are active in the labor market. The majority are unemployed, underemployed, or still work in sheltered programs where it is almost impossible to reach their full potential.    Serving as a HandyTech not only gives adults a chance to work and reach their potential, but also an opportunity to give back to the community, providing greater access to technology.