What is the “Service Learning Leadership Camp”? The Volunteer Center works with 9th-12th graders to give them the opportunity to become leaders in their community. The program is designed to empower local high school students through engaging in service learning projects and impacting their community. The Volunteer Center partners with Guilford County Schools Character Development Team and local nonprofits to host SLLC. HandyCapable Network was chosen as one of the host sites.
Four days a week from 8-12 noon HCN has been a beehive of activity! The first week the students learned about a nonprofit and the various facets of HandyCapable.  Working with  our HandyTechs, they learned the process of testing computers for refurbishing or breaking down for recycling. They learned how to test hard drives, video cards, memory cards and power supplies by booting from the BIOS. As students worked alongside various Handytechs, they realized that this sort of training can and should occur in school buildings. They also realized that it should incorporate all facets of the population because they learned new skills as well.

Megan (Queen of Teardowns) – “I have found the thing that I enjoy doing most.  Everyone knows that “tearing down” is my thing and I am happy to show anyone how to tear down and categorize the parts for recycling.”
Megan 3