HandyCapable Network is excited to offer three different computer camps this summer!

The first camp is our Computer Build Camp. Participants will learn about computers from the inside out. Then, they will assemble their own desktop computer from the case up. At the end of the camp, participants can either take their computer with them or donate the computer to a family in need.

The second camp is our Computer Skills Class. Participants will build their computer confidence in this interactive class as they learn to identify computer hardware, use computer terminology, develop a file management system, use the Internet effectively, create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and use image-editing software to create graphics.

Lastly, HandyCapable is offering WordPress 101. In this class, participants will learn the basics of WordPress as they create an online blog.

Classes begin June 13 and will be offered multiple times throughout the summer. For more information or to register online, please click here.